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The courses are provided to support individuals learn and explore principles and practices for turning Rumi's sacred poetry and teachings into portals for spiritual awakening and transformation.


Our tuition-free/donation-based courses are dedicated to providing authentic translations and windows into the heart of Rumi’s teachings including the spiritual and cultural context embedded in his work.

Questions about enrollment:

Level 1: In the Footprints of Rumi

In this introductory course on Rumi and his work, we go through eight main themes found in Rumi's teachings and poetry.

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Level II: Rumi Found in Translations

In this more advanced course for those who have completed Level I, we delve more deeply into Rumi's poetry and explore comparative religious and spiritual themes found in Rumi's work.

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Online Courses

The online courses (Level I & II) can be taken and started at any time.

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