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The online courses

The online course can be taken and started at any time.


As an online student, you will have the freedom to listen to each week's class recording at the time that is most convenient/nourishing for you. The online course is not a live stream course. Each week you will receive the material listed below:


  • Audio recordings (full class, meditation only, and chant only) of each week's class recorded by Pouria specifically for the online students that follow the same material based on the 8-week curriculum. This includes chants, guided meditations, lectures, poetry reading, and offerings for the week.

  • A downloadable PDF of the week's material that includes the selected poetry (both in Farsi and English), deepening practice, chant, contemplation, resources, and more.

  • Scheduled live Q&R (questions and responses) Skype or Zoom video sessions with Pouria. If you can't attend one of the Q&A sessions live, you can submit your question beforehand and you can listen to the recording of the session later.


*All the course materials, including recordings and handouts associated with this course

will be available to the online students every week via email.

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