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Rumi is greatly appreciated in the West, but few understand the depth of his spiritual and cultural context and of the Persian language or know the many layers of meaning that have been lost in translations. It will be difficult to grasp Rumi's poetry without understanding his mystical language and background.


Rumi's poetry is an invaluable map of the heart and the spiritual realm.


Pouria will guide you through these teachings by providing key translations and contexts to support you in embodying and tasting the transformative depth and beauty of these practices and language inside of your own heart. The course aspires to be an informative and transformative experience.




Pouria Montazeri grew up with Rumi’s poetry and teachings. He draws from his 28 years of experience with Sufism, Advaita Vedanta, and other mystical and contemplative practices and his experiences as a teacher, spiritual director/coach, speaker, poet, mindfulness instructor, sangha guide, mentor, and filmmaker to support himself and others to live more creative, peaceful, and meaningful lives. He wrote, directed, and shot Shams & Rumi: The Fragrance of Axis Mundi, which won many international film awards.


Pouria is passionate about sharing his love of Rumi and mystical poetry through the privileges he has as a Persian-speaking person who grew up in the same culture and spirituality as Rumi did. He strives to develop vocabulary by which we can lead each other into mystical experiences beyond dualism. His favorite language and form of communication is poetry, which he finds closest to the heart-one where words arise from silence. Poetry slows us down and allows us to see deeply into the mysteries of life. 


Pouria loves nature and can always be found on one of his sunrise contemplative hikes with scraps of poetry in his pocket in his home state of Colorado.


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The Importance of a Native Persian-Speaking Guide

Pouria MOntazeri