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Fred LaMotte

The power of Pouria's teaching comes from this: it is not 'his' teaching. He is a radiant emptiness, like the hollow in the reed flute, that lets the ancient wisdom of the first Sufi's, of Rumi, and of the Christian mystics who were also part of that 11th Century community, play through him like a healing breath. His discourse is a melody, but the one who plays the flute is Rumi. Pouria impeccably translates Rumi's poetry from the original Persian, then unfolds the subtle depths of the Master's words in practical terms for the contemporary seeker. With unmatched media skills he supplements this wisdom with music, calligraphy, and video imagery, that is a feast for your heart. If you have a chance to explore Rumi with him, or need a humble spiritual guide, don't hesitate to pass through the generous open door of Pouria!


Michelle Mott

What wonderful gifts Pouria's teachings and this class are. I have long been a fan of Rumi's work but now I have a deeper understanding and a far greater appreciation for his divine verse. I so appreciate the heartfelt work that goes into Pouria's teachings - he truly loves and lives this work. The verse (shared in both English and Farsi), songs, meditations are all woven beautifully together to create an extraordinary experience. Thank you, Pouria!


Matt Enos

There are no words for the clarity of the teachings of Movlana through Pouria


I attended the online Footprints Level One and recommend it wholeheartedly! Each week, the deepening practices, poetry, meditations, and chants transport you into the world of Rumi. Pouria's beautiful voice creates a warm welcoming environment, and you will find yourself singing the chants while you are driving or standing in line at the store. I deeply appreciate how Pouria has devoted himself to this work--and to sharing it with the world.


Chris Janeczko

From the first moment on I knew I was in the company of a great teacher. This class was like going to church but in the very best way. For days after each class, I would walk around in a state of total peace. Pouria's gift is to be able to turn a poem, or a writing, into something that pertains to our world today.


Eric Cooley

It is such a rare and wonderful gift to meet a true teacher. Rumi came into my life many years ago now and I have been turning to his poetry and teachings for illumination and encouragement ever since. What Pouria has done with this course is create an immersive experience in the teachings of Rumi. Imagine living in Rumi's poems and being met by a master teacher who can deepen your understanding of the mystery and symbolism at work, that is what this course is and I am so grateful for the experience. You will experience healing, enlightenment and a deepening of your wisdom in this course and I hope you will treat yourself to this experience for it will truly enrich the life of the seeker. Blessings to you on your search and blessings to Pouria a true teacher and luminary.


Mirabai Starr

Author, translator, teacher

What an incredible opportunity, to be guided into the mystical heart of the luminous Rumi by a native Farsi speaker and a true exemplar of the love Rumi sings about in his ecstatic poetry and brilliant prose. Pouria carries the direct transmission of his master and shares it with extraordinary insight, humility, and sweetness. I highly recommend this course, either in person or online.


Mariana Gonya

In this course, Pouria offers beautiful descriptions of Rumi's life and poetry, as well as conveying the meaning of the teachings themselves. It is as if the essence of Rumi has been passed down through a sacred lineage and is heard yet again, in Pouria's recitations of the Rumi poetry. In his talks, and in his way of interacting with students, Pouria is bringing these exquisite teachings to life. I am filled with gratitude for this nourishing and awakening experience. 


Diana Guta

I'm so happy I've made this journey with Pouria, In the footprints of Rumi.... back to the Beloved. Rumi's poems are probably the most beautiful sacred poems in the world. But what this course offers, besides the poems, is a practice that goes hand in hand with the beautiful stories and poems. Actually, week after week, you discover that Rumi's poems are actually an encrypted spiritual guidance. You start understanding what he really meant and what you have to do to get closer to the Beloved. With your heart open, every day is a living poem. I recommend this course to everyone who'd like to see the heart of Rumi's poems, find out more about his vast work, his life, and cultural context. Last but not least, I'd like to say, this course would not be the same without Pouria's warm heart and words. His guidance has the power to still your mind and take you back to your heart.


Kirk Smith

For us in the west, it seems that we are only shown the harsh, extremist, and legalistic aspects of Islam. The writings of Rumi are a shining example of the fact that there is so much more to the faith. As a teacher, Pouria does a fabulous job of not just teaching these richer and deeper truths, but is also a living example of the compassion, devotion, deep spiritual insight, and generosity described in the poems of Rumi. Involving oneself in the course is also a great opportunity to meet those who share a deep spiritual longing for a life lived in defiance to this current, self-absorbed age that feels so ubiquitous. Although my faith is fundamentally Christian, I feel very fortunate to have been able to take this course and learn about just a few of the deeper aspects of Sufism from such an excellent teacher as it has deepened both my understanding and compassion. Through it I saw how much a radical love for Jesus and all people and those who walk in the line of Rumi really do have in common and have nothing to fear from one another.


Barb Miller

While words often fall short when we want to communicate from our hearts, they are a beginning.  Look for what's in the spaces.  This class beginning to acquaint us with the poetry and teaching of Rumi was much more an experience than a typical class.  We opened our hearts through chanting and meditation to receive wisdom, often first read in a language I don't know.  Hearing it that way, I was able to sense the meaning and intent before hearing words I could comprehend.  Pouria is skillful at leading us along a path of discovery at every level of our being.  If you are at all feeling a tug at your heartstrings to become more intimate wth Rumi and his beautiful verse, answer with a big "yes", no hesitation. I believe, like me, you will not be disappointed.  I am so looking forward to the next experience in part II.


Tauna Houghton

I highly recommend this class – and anything Pouria leads - to anyone wanting to open their heart, quiet their mind and study sacred poetry! I cherish the deep dive into the heart that Pouria guided us on during Footprints with Rumi. Each week, Pouria created a sacred container and theme for us to cleanse and reside more fully in our hearts, while studying the knowledge. The class was structured with a very healthy balance of right and left brain. The weekly meditation and chant always soothed my mind, and opened my heart – during the class and inbetween classes.

During those two months, and since then, I find myself living, moving and speaking more and more from my heart and less from the mind. I have always loved Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi’s poems and now have a greater understanding of how to interpret and integrate his poems and discourses. The class helped me realize that I had been misinterpreting or skimming through many of Rumi’s poems because I did not understand his spiritual message or the cultural meanings. I plan to retake Level I and am eagerly looking forward to Level II.


Shirin Haji

It's hard to 'review' something in words that need to be spoken with the 'language of the heart' but I would like to give it a try: Pouria did an amazing job thoroughly explaining aspects of Rumi's poetry that I had never seen and looked at in the same way before. After a recent trip to Iran, I was reintroduced to Rumi's poetry and seriously contemplated studying it in more depth but worried about how to find a source to help and guide me through the path. It was a great opportunity to finally have been able to find this class, and embark on this journey of self-awakening, right in the middle of the U.S. or via its online course from anywhere on the planet with Pouria. Rumi's poetry is simply beyond romantic gestures or funny cautionary tales, though quite interesting. They are the awakening mysticism of the mind and soul a lot of us may have felt missing in a world of greed, material possessions, and disbelieve, on the path to the sublime self and a lifestyle you've never seen or tasted before. It is obvious that Pouria is a well-versed, and educated person with a vast domain of knowledge and a genuine sense of passion for teaching and guiding you through this course and journey. Asking him questions only unveils a part of the depth of his insight and gift. But be aware, there are many classes that claim to 'teach' Rumi philosophy, but there are few that truly touch the quintessential meaning of them, and this class was the one for me. I hope this class continues for many years to come and touches as many hearts as possible.


Stephen Bross

Pouria is a first-rate teacher, beautifully integrated in heart and mind, capable of awakening that integration in his students. what he shared not only touched my heart deeply but also accelerated me on my spiritual path in ways I did not expect. I gained a new appreciation for the sophistication and wisdom of the Sufi tradition, of Rumi's amazing life and cultural context. This course should be required of all Americans so we can all appreciate the astouning beauty of Islam, a view we rarely get from our mainstream media. Thank you, Pouria for such a transformative, heart and eye opening course!


Katherine Gelinas

In the Footprints of Rumi changed my life. Not only did I find this class extremely educational, but I found a wonderful and loving family amongst the teacher and other students. Pouria not only teaches Rumi beautifully but gives each student a very personal insight into the actual life a true Sufi. Included in this course is also the very special treat of Pouria's ability to read and translate Rumi in Persian. Pouria provides a lovely, personal and comfortable environment conducive to learning, sharing, and exploring the true depths of Rumi's poetry along with each student's personal relationship to God and one another. Encased in Rumi's enchanting words are a secret formula for true happiness and a beautiful way of life that is worth great remembrance. Pouria teaches in this class not only about poetry but many body-based meditations, including zikrs, a form of remembering our divine nature through movement and song. This class is fun, educational, enlightening, entertaining, and absolutely wonderful. I highly recommend it to seekers and fearless souls of all kinds! Take it and be ready to delve into parts of yourself you've never before explored, to deepen your relationship with All-that-is, and to strengthen and enrich any personal practice you're currently keeping.

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