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The Ocean of Rumi

Featured in Spirituality & Health Magazine

Certain things in life are so precious, so divinely perfect and sacred, that they don’t need any alterations. They arise from the compassionate and boundless Existence, touch our hearts, and return to that placeless place where nothing ever repeats, leaving us in awe and wonder. Such perennial pearls of wisdom invite us to wholeness. For me, Rumi’s teachings and poetry are some of those precious gifts in life.

In the Presence of the One, We Are All Shining

As the aspen leaves are changing color, revealing their utmost love and submission to the compassionate and wise laws of this vast and infinite Existence which guides them through the unseen hand, I am being re-minded once again of all the ways they continue to show me the sacred secrets of the Heart.

Rumi Was Once a Twelve-Year-Old Refugee

The heart-wrenching situation in Syria leaves many of us weeping for the loss of so many innocent civilians, including children. While our hearts lament with the darkest notes, our minds whirl in confusion. We may wonder, how can this be happening?

This Beautiful Longing for Home

Deep suffering is a longing for Home!

In bygone ages when people were grounded and their lives were simpler, when hearts, intuition, dreams, and the secrets of nature guided their paths, and the Wise amongst them healed and led...

You Are Pregnant with God

(a poem)

O sweet child,

your dizziness at dawn

as you await

the arrival

of the Breeze (the Beloved’s Breath)

to sweep your heart clean....

The Ever-Present Invisible Beloved

the steam of sadness that arises from the hot rock of neglect

permeates the heart and guides and stretches it

with its invisible hands toward that which

cannot be forgotten...

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