Problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them.

Albert Einstein



On the shore of life, we learn many things. We accumulate ideas, data, information, concepts, and we are exposed to theories, modalities, all mainly based on the founding and ideas of others. On the shore, we hear about the spiritual path. Something inside of us resonates with all we hear, but this hearing is not the same as knowing. Thus, the divine discontent nags within us and begs for wholeness.


There comes a time when our hearts start to long for more. It wants to grow to its full capacity. It wants to know. It wants to tap into its full potentialities based on its infinite capabilities. That's when it longs to set on a journey through the Ocean of Experience towards its goal, the Truth. This is the beginning of spirituality, for it is all about the experience. A very important inquiry to look into is who is on the spiritual path. If the ego and our false self is on the path, it will result in a very different manifestation and journey then if our hearts were.


Kabir Helminski once asked a dervish, "Do we ever reach a point when we no longer need to be loved? "Yes, when we love," he replied.


Instead of focusing on finding love and being loved, heart-centered spirituality focuses on being Love and simply loving. It does not revolve around the pathological models of the false self, nor does it busy itself with conforming the individual to the norms of the times, society, and the environment she lives in.


Our true essence is this formless and pure light that is clothed in a layer of personhood. As we go through life and forget about our hearts and allow the ego to develop, it starts to feel as if the clothing is shrinking, suffocating the light and the heart. Of course, nothing can suffocate the light and the heart, but it feels this way in our bodies and minds. Yet it is this sense of tightness and suffocation that acts as the last straw that brings us to the Path of the Heart, allowing us to unbutton this tightened shirt in order for our souls to breathe again. This is the moment of remembrance, homecoming and metanoia.


Heart-centered spiritual coaching brings the attention to the light of our being. It includes and holistically transcends the clothing, knowing clearly that our essence is vast and infinite. Changing our clothing will not result in transformation, for change and transformation are two very different processes. Change by nature is impermanent, yet transformation is the alchemical process working on the energetical level which is the basis of our manifested world.


Heart-centered spirituality is not merely a concept nor a modality. It is filled with practical and experiential tools used for being in touch with all aspects of one's heart and be directly guided through its wisdom and art of discernment on this journey called life. It includes and transcends.


It is for those longing to have all aspects of their lives connected to and guided by the sacredness of the Divine Grace. It's the path of unity and not differentiation. It is a way of homecoming and not a never-ending search outside of ourselves. 


Heart-Centered Spiritual Coaching believes that true healing and cognition arise from the root of our Heart through the universal energy field, holistic experiences, association with higher frequencies, greater coherency, consistency, concentration, dedication, integrity, honesty, harmony, and love.





Heart-Centered Spiritual Coaching


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