Sèmā Barley


Sèmā began her mystical and devotional journey at a tender age, years before they found and manifested their natural and sustainable form in her life. The burning primordial devotion of her heart marinated in prayer, music, and community, continues to breathe life into her spiritual path. Jesus, whom always signified the essence of Divine Love and servanthood to Sèmā is the fertile ground on which she built her diverse spiritual practices upon. Witnessing the common longing in all humans, she came to the recognition of the interconnectedness of all wisdom traditions. In addition to her deep ties to her Celtic roots and rich love for Native American, yogic and Hawaiian wisdom and rituals, Sèmā took initiation with the Sufi Ruhaniat International. With this community, she has immersed herself in dance camps, sessins, satsangs, retreats, and pilgrimages to holy Sufi sites around the world. Sèmā has lead dances and songs at the Mendocino Youth Camps and other weekend gatherings. She currently facilitates dances with the Dances of Universal Peace (DUP) of North America community and holds space as a temple guardian at sacred gatherings and festivals worldwide. Sèmā is deeply devoted to encouraging her peers, teens, and young children in the fields of leadership, mindfulness, discernment, embodiment, and self- empowerment.


Together, Pouria and Sèmā travel internationally presenting the sacred teachings of Rumi through talks, heart-centered meditations, poetry performances, whirling, and zikrs.